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Join us for a short walk through the Placer County Farmer's Market
The Placer County Farmer's Market meets every Saturday all year long from 8 Am til Noon at Highway 49 and Auburn-Folsom Road in Auburn, California.
Terry of the bright smiles and beauiful flowers Always adding bright smiles and beautiful flowers, Terry has a bouquet just for you.
Gino Gnech offers almost everything good grown in Placer county. He and his family go way back. Gino Gnech
Strawberry Bob Harris Always a most engaging conversationalist, Strawberry Bob Harris, adds a strong dose of personality to the market.
When not in pursuit of the wiley mountain trout, Tom Freeman brings his extensive knowledge of trees for landscaping. Tom Freeman
Yarda at the market Providing fruit, nuts, and ongoing support for the Placer County Farmer's Market, Yarda is certainly a mainstay of every Saturday.
Francis Thompson is one of the busiest growers in this area. He knows his potatoes from his melons. Francis Thompson
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